IGN Versus – Halo 4 vs. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

IGN Versus is still going strong since the commercial featuring Battlefield 3 and it continues to generate high traffic every episode. Our most recent episode featuring Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 not only gained the attention of Activision and 343 Industries, but it also help up the high standard of quality and high view count that’s expected of the series. YouTube still doesn’t do well with embeds so this one is best viewed off-site with annotations turned on. I’m very proud of the success this product has seen.

IGN Live: DayZ with Dean Hall

Dean Hall is known as the creator of the extremely popular Arma II mod DayZ. I had the opportunity to coordinate travel and schedule an itinerary for Mr. Hall to visit IGN and do some fun stuff with us. One of those things was an IGN Live with Dean Hall. A rather successful livestream that’s highlight included a fan crashing a helicopter into my character while playing. It was great meeting him, getting this content produced, and even more fun playing the game with him for a bit while he answered questions.

IGN’s Daily Fix Host – 07/18/2012

Asked to return to host another episode of the Daily Fix, this time I decided to talk about Halo, and World of Warcraft. When I host the fix I make sure to always write my own scripts before reading them off of a teleprompter to the audience. I feel like it brings forth a lot more of my personality when I do so and I’m glad that fact seems to be apparent to the audience.

Nintendo’s E3 2012 Done Right.

Another of my passion projects, this is what I had wished Nintendo decided to do with their press conference at E3 2012. I came up with the script, ad libbed most of it on camera, and had some help from one of our camera guy’s Mike Aransky, as well as our extremely talented effect specialist Mike Horn. Using my notes we worked together to create the following. A fun re-envisioning of Nintendo’s E3 conference.

Indiecade! – E3 2012

While this wasn’t one of my biggest performers I think it’s important to recognize the up and comers from the indie scene. Our video team actually edited this piece, but I wanted to make sure to get some exposure to the indie titles that really stood out. I still think that we haven’t heard the last of Scale and we can expect to see more of that mechanic soon enough.

Game of Thrones The Game – Review

This review was captured, written, voiced, edited, and syndicated around the internet by me and me alone. We originally were not going to do anything review-wise for Game of Thrones the game, but because I was working on the video guide I was excited to talk about it… even if it was a negative review. I felt like this was special because I could use exact examples showing off the weakness of the game and use specific examples. The video has gone on to do over 120,000 views since it was posted which is great for a lesser known / played title.

Up At Noon Guest Appearance

Up At Noon is one of the shows that IGN debuted on our Start channel, an official YouTube partnered channel that was launched early 2012. I was a regular guest on the show playing completely crazy characters that I created for myself. In this particular skit I was attempting to illustrate how insane fans of the game Mass Effect 3 were acting about the ending in a humorous manner. It went over quite well and as you can tell by watching we had a lot of fun shooting it. My appearance begins at the 2:12 mark.

IGN’s Versus – Battlefield 3 Commercial

While not responsible for creating this video, I did create the series that this national marketing campaign could be seen on. This commercial was shown on many major television networks including, but not limited to Comedy Central, and TBS. It was also used in a large internet marketing campaign for Battlefield 3 that was shown on major networks including IGN and YouTube. This was obviously great for IGN as it expanded awareness of our brand, and the series I created.

Skyrim – Arrow to the Knee Montage

My first video to break a million views capitalized on a meme and went viral. When I put this together I never expected it to do so well, but was happy to finally break a million views and have done so with a lot of my content since. Still you never forget that first video.

Batman – DVD Super Menu

Keep your annotations turned on for this video. The Batman DVD Super Menu was created to experiment with how far I could push annotations and the results were a resounding success. Within this DVD / YouTube menu you can see all of the Batman: Arkham City content I created for the game including walkthroughs and collectable guides. I’m very proud of how this particular video turned out and impressed with how much you can actually do with annotations. This video would lead to the creation of Versus that went on to become one of IGN’s most popular video series’.

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