Destin Legarie

Destin Legarie has been working with various forms of media since 2004.  What originally started out as a hobby when he was writing for, has become a passion and career.  In 2007 Destin graduated from ITT Technical College with highest honors and began working at PMI in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Starting as a web designer, he was responsible for designing new pages, regularly updating and basic Photoshop work as needed.  He also began editing video for the company that year but whats more important is what he was doing in his spare time.

In January 2007, was launched with two shows.  Weapon of the Week, and a news show.  This wasn’t a typical news show, it was news brought to you by a real gamer with honest opinions, humor, and it was the first of it’s kind.  The show got a lot of people talking due to it’s controversial opinions and humor.  Weapon of the Week however was a show that featured some of the coolest video game weapons seen in games.

In April 2008 Destin was hired at as the host of their daily news show Hard News.  He is responsible for all aspects of the show and has been since it launched in May 2008.  Hard News averages 75,000 views a week and is one of the marquee shows on  Since it’s launch it’s been copied by just about every other gaming website.

Aside from the news show, he writes and edits Video Game Vaults for, a website owned by MTV Networks, is responsible for the Armory on, and does freelance work occasionally for and

What began as Weapon of the Week, became the Armory and is one of the most popular items on  This show is written, edited, and voiced by Destin.  It’s a weekly show thats nearing 100 episodes and still going strong.

Currently Destin is the Editor-in-Chief at