A simple ad

This is just a simple ad I created as a resume piece.  It was done in 20 minutes.

3D Models

Just some random 3D Models I had to make for class. Here I put them all together in one scene.

Colorization – Photoshop

Colored in Photoshop I took this image (drawn by someone else) and colored it.  For the record, I also think Batman is awesome.

Simple Business Cards – Photoshop / Illustrator

Created using both Photoshop and Illustrator these are some simple business cards I created.

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About Destin

Destin Legarie is currently the Editor-in-Chief at ScrewAttack.com where he produces their daily news show Hard News, creates content for Gametrailers.com, which is owned by MTV, and IGN.com, which is owned by Fox Media. He also freelances at Destructoid.com and GoNintendo.com.