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IGN’s Daily Fix Host – 07/18/2012

Asked to return to host another episode of the Daily Fix, this time I decided to talk about Halo, and World of Warcraft. When I host the fix I make sure to always write my own scripts before reading them off of a teleprompter to the audience. I feel like it brings forth a lot more of my personality when I do so and I’m glad that fact seems to be apparent to the audience.

Nintendo’s E3 2012 Done Right.

Another of my passion projects, this is what I had wished Nintendo decided to do with their press conference at E3 2012. I came up with the script, ad libbed most of it on camera, and had some help from one of our camera guy’s Mike Aransky, as well as our extremely talented effect specialist Mike Horn. Using my notes we worked together to create the following. A fun re-envisioning of Nintendo’s E3 conference.

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