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Batman – DVD Super Menu

Keep your annotations turned on for this video. The Batman DVD Super Menu was created to experiment with how far I could push annotations and the results were a resounding success. Within this DVD / YouTube menu you can see all of the Batman: Arkham City content I created for the game including walkthroughs and collectable guides. I’m very proud of how this particular video turned out and impressed with how much you can actually do with annotations. This video would lead to the creation of Versus that went on to become one of IGN’s most popular video series’.

Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City

Creating fun, engaging video is something I love to do. This piece highlights the strong, sexy, and empowered female lead in Batman: Arkham city with a fiesty montage of some great lines from the game showing off the character. We also worked with Royal Fetish Studios who provided the track making this a fun piece for the viewer, a great promotion piece for Royal Fetish, and a great promotion piece for Batman: Arkham City. I however just wanted to create it to show how much I liked the game.

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