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The Armory: 2008 – 2011

This is a series that I make for, which is a division of Fox Media.  The series has now been going for over 90 episodes.  It’s one of the most popular shows on their website and I’m very proud to have created it.  I capture the footage for it, edit it, and voice it. Yep, everything you see is done by me except the intros and outros. Below is an example embedded using their player.

Hard News: 2008 – 2011

Hard News is a video game news show that can be seen Monday through Friday on  It launched in May of 2008 and quickly became one of the most watched features on the website, averaging 150,000 views a week from YouTube and ScrewAttack combined.  This show started out as “The Daily DL” before being noticed by ScrewAttack who had planned on launching a news show of their own.  I took those skills to ScrewAttack, and together, we gave birth to Hard News.

VGV Gametrailers: 2008 – Current

I’m not responsible for editing every Video Game Vault on, but I have done my fair share.  This is another piece of content created by for, which is a division of MTV Networks.  The episode below was written and edited by myself, and the voice over work was done by Craig Skistimas of ScrewAttack.  These are always fun to edit, and fun to watch too.  This particular episode has been viewed over 250,000 times.

We Luv Halo 3 Contest Winner

One of the first pieces of content that was noticed by anyone was my We Luv Halo 3 contest entry to I was a big fan of Halo 3 at the time and excited to make something unique for my contest submission. Below you can see the video I entered with that took first place in the contest. With the winnings (a best buy gift card valued at $750) I purchased a camera of my own and a digital camera to create more videos. This contest gave me the tools I needed to continue creating and begin my career as a producer.

Animation II Final – 2007

This is my animation 2 final from college. For our animation we had to have some kind of an environment which I threw together kind of quick because I was working on the animation so much. He had to walk, run, pick something up, and change his facial expression. I actually had a lot of fun doing this.

Animation I final – 2007

This is an example of my early work.  This was completed around November 2007 as a final project for my Animation I class at ITT Technical Institute in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  I got an A on the project and had one of the highest overall grades in the class.  Looking back, with more time and knowledge I could have done a lot more with this but, I’m still proud of what I created to this day.

After Effects – Video Intro

Here you can see a presentation for the best game of 2007. The introduction also is a showcase of an intro created using Adobe After Effects. One of the biggest lessons I learned from this project was to avoid doing voice over work at 2am. This was actually one of my first major edits.

Photoshop image editing

Both of the people in this ad were not on a beach.  They’re here to show examples of my ability to edit complex images together. Every element you see was pulled from a separate image. The people weren’t there, the brick wall wasn’t there and even the shadow on the sand wasn’t there. The brick wall wasn’t even complete but pieced together to make a complete section.

Guitar Hero Photoshop Ad

I’m still proud of this ad today.  I created this entirely in Photoshop.  I have an image of gameplay, with a photo I took of my guitar on torn sheet music with a fire background (also created in Photoshop) with all the publishers logos below.  Also, I added burn marks to the sheet music, and did the tear effect I mentioned in Photoshop.  The ad still makes me want to play guitar hero to this day.

Photoshop Magazine Design

Created while I was still in college this is an example of some EARLY image editing work I did in Photoshop.  I’ve now been creating images similar to this one (but of a higher quality) for over 3 years.

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