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Destin Legarie – 2016 Producer Reel

This is my 2016 Producer reel showcasing a montage my abilities as a host, Adobe Premiere / Avid video editor, and camera operator.

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Evolve vs. IGN

Another attempt at a personality driven gameplay presentation was this video featuring Evolve before it was released. In the feature four players go up against Greg Miller who is playing the monster. The most difficult part of producing this piece of content was capturing and syncing 5 pieces of gameplay using NVidaia’s Shadow Play to camera footage from 5 GoPro cameras. In the end it was another fun video that really made the viewer feel like they were playing with their friends.

Watch Dogs: Re-imagining Chicago

In 2014 IGN and Ubisoft collaborated to create a four part series that showed off their soon to launch new property Watch Dogs. One of my favorite parts was the Re-imagining Chicago segment which I was the lead producer for. For this part we went to Chicago and shot “real world” footage that was placed next to in-game footage to show how faithfully that location was recreated. To supplement that footage we also conducted multiple interviews that we cut into the piece where developers from Ubisoft Montreal talk about the challenges of building this fictional Chicago. The final product can be seen below.

How Scary is Alien Isolation

The second episode of the How Scary is series featured Alien Isolation. Yet again we collected reactions and comments made to present an unreleased product to the audience in a fun manner. This combination results in a compelling piece of video content that gets people excited for the latest scary game to enter the horror genre.

Making Dark Souls 2

For this project I was the associate producer and responsible for filming as well as handling some translation. For this feature we went to From Software’s studios for 2 days of filming and gameplay capture. While there we created two separate exclusive features for IGN. The first can be seen below.

How Scary is Outlast

In 2013 we were given early access to an unreleased game called Outlast. We met the developer Red Barrels at PAX and had really enjoyed their game. After talking to them for awhile we were given access to a vertical slice of their new horror title. I had an idea for a series that showcased the truly scary moments of a product and this was the result. After multiple capture sessions and pages of timecoded reactions logged and submitted to the editor we produced this piece that I’m extremely proud of. It has since become a regular series on IGN. Here is the premiere episode.

IGN’s Judgement Day

Every Year IGN has it’s game of the year nominations, and this year I had the pleasure of interviewing Mac Walters from BioWare all about Mass Effect 3. We had people on-site and watching via the live stream as we revealed our nominees for game of the year. Below you can see the video.

IGN Versus – Halo 4 vs. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

IGN Versus is still going strong since the commercial featuring Battlefield 3 and it continues to generate high traffic every episode. Our most recent episode featuring Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 not only gained the attention of Activision and 343 Industries, but it also help up the high standard of quality and high view count that’s expected of the series. YouTube still doesn’t do well with embeds so this one is best viewed off-site with annotations turned on. I’m very proud of the success this product has seen.

IGN Live: DayZ with Dean Hall

Dean Hall is known as the creator of the extremely popular Arma II mod DayZ. I had the opportunity to coordinate travel and schedule an itinerary for Mr. Hall to visit IGN and do some fun stuff with us. One of those things was an IGN Live with Dean Hall. A rather successful livestream that’s highlight included a fan crashing a helicopter into my character while playing. It was great meeting him, getting this content produced, and even more fun playing the game with him for a bit while he answered questions.

Indiecade! – E3 2012

While this wasn’t one of my biggest performers I think it’s important to recognize the up and comers from the indie scene. Our video team actually edited this piece, but I wanted to make sure to get some exposure to the indie titles that really stood out. I still think that we haven’t heard the last of Scale and we can expect to see more of that mechanic soon enough.

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