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Destin Legarie – 2016 Producer Reel

This is my 2016 Producer reel showcasing a montage my abilities as a host, Adobe Premiere / Avid video editor, and camera operator.

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Fireteam Chat – IGN’s Destiny Podcast

In January 2015 a small group of Destiny fans at IGN launched Fireteam Chat. This podcast is the first product specific product at IGN that focuses on Destiny. The show was so successful that it quickly became the number one product on iTunes. The show is released weekly at 5pm on Fridays and can be listened to on Android or iPhone devices. It can also be watched in complete video form. Below is the premiere episode of the show and images when it was New and Noteworthy and the #1 video game podcast on iTunes.


Destin Legarie 2013 Reel

This reel from 2013 features a lot of my hosting, writing, and production experience with IGN from 2011 – 2013.

IGN’s Daily Fix Host – 07/18/2012

Asked to return to host another episode of the Daily Fix, this time I decided to talk about Halo, and World of Warcraft. When I host the fix I make sure to always write my own scripts before reading them off of a teleprompter to the audience. I feel like it brings forth a lot more of my personality when I do so and I’m glad that fact seems to be apparent to the audience.

Nintendo’s E3 2012 Done Right.

Another of my passion projects, this is what I had wished Nintendo decided to do with their press conference at E3 2012. I came up with the script, ad libbed most of it on camera, and had some help from one of our camera guy’s Mike Aransky, as well as our extremely talented effect specialist Mike Horn. Using my notes we worked together to create the following. A fun re-envisioning of Nintendo’s E3 conference.

Runes of Magic – This is YOUR World

While at Frogster America I was asked to produce a trailer for Runes of Magic, with the tagline “This is YOUR World.” Most of the footage you see in here was captured by myself or from a trailer and all the the effects were done in After Effects.

Freelance work.

In 2010 I began freelancing at I was originally only going to review PC titles, but it quickly expanded to encompass consoles, and handhelds. I’ve enjoyed writing at Destructoid, where I can present my reviews in a fun, yet informative manner.

I’ve noticed a trend with the Playstation Network. Sony brings a lot of special titles to it. PixelJunk Eden, Flow, and Flower are all examples of great pieces of software I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. Swords and Soldiers isn’t a Playstation Network original, having come to WiiWare first, but it’s still something special, clever, and cute that you can now experience if you own a PS3. You can even experience it in 3D!

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Animation II Final – 2007

This is my animation 2 final from college. For our animation we had to have some kind of an environment which I threw together kind of quick because I was working on the animation so much. He had to walk, run, pick something up, and change his facial expression. I actually had a lot of fun doing this.

After Effects – Video Intro

Here you can see a presentation for the best game of 2007. The introduction also is a showcase of an intro created using Adobe After Effects. One of the biggest lessons I learned from this project was to avoid doing voice over work at 2am. This was actually one of my first major edits.

Photoshop image editing

Both of the people in this ad were not on a beach.  They’re here to show examples of my ability to edit complex images together. Every element you see was pulled from a separate image. The people weren’t there, the brick wall wasn’t there and even the shadow on the sand wasn’t there. The brick wall wasn’t even complete but pieced together to make a complete section.

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